Cypherpunks posters

Back in Nov 1999 I grepped and sorted my archives and made a list of posters by number of posts up to that date. It's available here. (For people who's email addresses changed where it was obviously the same person, I merged them under the title of the last email address at that time.)

How to subscribe to the (unmoderated) Cypherpunks mailing list

Send mail to with this the phrase "subscribe cypherpunks" on the first non-blank line of your message. You can also subscribe to to

A mail-bot will reply. If anything goes wrong the mail-bot will mail you a help message.

To post a message to the list just send mail to: or which ever address you use it will be forwarded to all of the list subscribers. The lists form a single distributed list.

There are a few other lists which are the same also, plus there's Jim Choate's -- but his floods of URLs from newsites and other stupid antics is one of the main reasons for the existance of the moderated list.

Cypherpunks on the WEB

Alternatively there is an automatically HTMLized version of cypherpunks at:

and an archive of each of the above lists at: and, and and

Comments, html bugs to (Adam Back) at <>