Satoshi Nakamoto wikipedia

Someone undid the deletion of Satoshi Nakamoto on wikipedia as of 1st Dec 2013.

Now redudant - undelete request

Wikipedia editors have seen fit to delete Nakamoto's page and merge it with the bitcoin page. Personally I find that discourteous. So I am putting up this cache of what used to be on the page, and I urge anyone with wikipedia involvement to push for its reinstatement. Bitcoin is the hotest new development on the internet this decade and the man who did it gets deleted from wikipedia, seemingly largely because he's using a Nom de Plume and so not much is known biographically. The works of the mind are 90% of your experience on the Internet, so it can not diminish recognition of the technical accomplishment that the author chose to use a Nom de Plume, and not reveal his True Name.

If you have accss to retrieve the article from wikipedia's deleted pages collection (only wikipedia administrators, checkusers, and oversighters) please email it to me, and I'll put it online here. Or better yet restore it!